Postpartum Depression

Welcome back! We’re giving you all a special treat with a second episode. This episode we are discussing postpartum depression, anxiety, bipolar, and OCD disorders. We also discuss our own personal experiences and treatment.

Our hope is to remove the stigma behind discussing PPD, as well as other mental health issues, so that others will be comfortable seeking the help they need.

Here are the links to the resources we discussed during the episode.

Postpartum Progress site

6 things to avoid if you have postpartum depression

PPD Moms

National Institute of Mental Health

Postpartum Dads


Motherhood & Social Media

Thank you so much for joining us as we launch our podcast, “Motherhood on Tap”! We are here to discuss, laugh, and navigate our way through parenting while enjoying a nice adult beverage each episode.

Our first episode covers our thoughts on motherhood and social media. For links to the resources we discussed, go to our show notes.


Here are the links to the topics and resources we covered during our first episode on motherhood and social media.

Parents Magazine

Facebook may fuel new mothers’ insecurity

Why motherhood on social media really is fake

Parents survey

Pew Research on Parents and Social Media