A mystery bruise that won’t go away, a busted lip, sprained ankle, back aches, and on and on. All moms experience the injuries that come with motherhood. Sarah and Pamela discuss all the mom injuries (or “mom-juries”) they have experienced and some other common ones they have not. Sarah also brings up that dads can get injured too. Also, as promised, Pamela has found some strange research studies that she shares.

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Sorry, not sorry

As a mother, we all have felt the need to apologize for something. A messy house, an unruly child, lack of time, etc. But have you reached a point where you’re not going to apologize anymore? In this episode, Sarah and Pamela discuss what they won’t apologize for anymore. No more guilt, no more shame. Pull up a chair and tasty beverage and see if you agree.

Show links:

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Florida man chugged can of beer during DUI stop

Czech president torches underpants, stunt stuns journalists

Cute owl videos

Maybe, baby?

So, we all get the question, “are you having any more?” Or we hear, “c’mon just have one more baby” and many, many other phrases about having another child. But should you? This week, Pamela discusses her desire to have one more child, but lists the roadblocks facing her and her husband right now.

Sarah discusses how many children she may want in the future and discusses when is a good age gap between siblings. We also have a little fun with some online quizzes and Pamela found some awesome random crap from the internet this week.

Infants are terrifying!

Becoming a mom is so exciting and terrifying at the same time! In this episode, Sarah dives into what the scariest parts of having an infant are and Pamela chimes in when her girls were babies. We also discuss the changes to the Miss America pag…um…competition, and ice cream flavored beer.

Full disclosure: We had planned a completely different episode and when we doubled back to our recording, we found it didn’t record our discussion at all! Is technology great?!