How Having Children Changes Your Marriage

We all hear how a baby changes everything, but no one realizes it until they have a newborn and there is a new dynamic in your household. Priorities shift, communication changes, and well…your marriage has changed. It isn’t always in a bad way either. This episode Sarah and Pamela break down how having children changes things in your marriage. Some of it is good and some of it is…not so great. We discuss this touchy subject with a whole lot of laughs and alcohol, of course. And also learn why “it is what it is” is the most annoying phrase ever (according to Pamela).

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Interview with Ashley Koff from Take Out with Ashley and Robyn Podcast

We have a special guest for this week’s episode, Ashley Koff!

Ashley is an award-winning nutrition expert and advocate with over 20 year’s experience as a dietician and educator for healthcare providers. She has developed and optimized better nutrition tools to help patients and practitioners get the best results from their nutrition. She’s also an author “Mom Energy”, the CEO of The Better Nutrition Program, and co-host of the “Take Out with Ashley and Robyn Podcast.”

The Better Nutrition Program site

Favorite Children’s Movies – 1970’s

This week we are starting a mini-series of favorite children’s movies. There are so many children’s movies out there, so we decided to break them down by decade and eliminated any animated Disney movies. Even though the 1970’s was before our time, these movies are still classics that are solid children’s movies we recommend for your families.

We also get a little silly with our random stuff from the internet and enjoy our beverage a little too much!

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What are “Children’s Movies”?

The best 70s movies for kids

Best 70s kids movies

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Researchers use leaf blower to see how lizards endure storms

New England wants a National Lobster Day

Iceberg as tall as Big Ben is threatening a village in Greenland

Pregnancy Misconceptions in TV and Movies

Have you ever watched an episode of your favorite show and think “hmmm, that baby is a little too big to be a newborn?” Or how about rolling your eyes over some misinformation about pregnancy in a movie? Well Sarah and Pamela have a blast dissecting how both television and movies commonly misrepresent pregnancy and birth. They even discuss some movies and television that got it right…mostly.

As always, Pamela has her random stuff from the internet and they share a new yummy drink. Maybe a little too yummy!

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10 Movies That Show What Pregnancy Is Really Like And 5 That Are Way Off

How Pregnancy Is Portrayed In The Movies

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Lady Antebellum police lip sync video

Drunk seagulls

Woman gives birth in Chick-fil-a bathroom

Endless Chores

Laundry, the NEW neverending story…or maybe it’s the dishes or organizing your closet, whatever the household chore may be, you probably dread doing it. Sarah and Pamela discuss the most dreaded household chores and what it could possibly say about your personality and how to get around avoiding the housework altogether. Pamela also shares some research studies that may have been a total waste of time.

Have a good listen and laugh and hopefully you can relate.

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Invisible Tasks

How to Keep Housework from Hurting Your Marriage

Chore Hacks

Extra research:

Men who help with housework have more and better sex

The Economic Reason Men should do more housework