Endless Chores

Laundry, the NEW neverending story…or maybe it’s the dishes or organizing your closet, whatever the household chore may be, you probably dread doing it. Sarah and Pamela discuss the most dreaded household chores and what it could possibly say about your personality and how to get around avoiding the housework altogether. Pamela also shares some research studies that may have been a total waste of time.

Have a good listen and laugh and hopefully you can relate.

Show links:

8 dumbest research studies ever

Husbands create 7 hours of extra housework for their wives

10 House chores ranked best to worst

What your least favorite chore says about you

Invisible Tasks

How to Keep Housework from Hurting Your Marriage

Chore Hacks

Extra research:

Men who help with housework have more and better sex

The Economic Reason Men should do more housework

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