We hope you all are doing well with what is going on in our world now. We have enjoyed bringing you all our thoughts and feelings on motherhood and we want to keep doing that, but right now we need a little bit of a break. 

So, Motherhood on Tap will be taking a hiatus as we regroup, rebrand, and refocus on all the things that matter most to us. We feel this will get us in the right mindset to bring you all new and relevant content in the future. This isn’t a goodbye, but talk soon. We plan to relaunch with all new episodes in the fall of this year. 

We will be keeping all of our past episodes available for you to listen, share, and review. We hope you all take care, stay healthy, and keep laughing through it all. Talk soon. 

Issues Mothers of Color Face


When we started Motherhood On Tap, we wanted to share our own struggles with parenting, but also understand other mothers out there and what they are facing and how we as a whole, as mothers, can help each other through these struggles. So we decided we would discuss issues that mothers of color face still in today’s society. We hope this episode demonstrates how we stand in solidarity with people of color and the BLM movement.

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