Pregnancy Discrimination – Part 2

In Part 2 of this discussion, Sarah and Pamela discuss some personal experiences we have had regarding pregnancy discrimination and the New York Times article that started this whole conversation between us. Full disclosure…we are on fire for this topic! So grab a drink and see if you agree. Show links: NY Times article CNN… Continue reading Pregnancy Discrimination – Part 2

Pregnancy Discrimination – Part 1

We’re back…and taking on another important issue, pregnancy discrimination. In Part 1 of this discussion, Sarah and Pamela break down what pregnancy discrimination is, what rights pregnant women have in the United States, and what we all can do if we observe any potential discrimination. In Part 2, we discuss some personal experiences we have… Continue reading Pregnancy Discrimination – Part 1

Where is Motherhood on Tap?!

Due to the 4th of July holiday, vacations, birthdays, and illnesses, we are a bit behind on our release schedule. But we will be back soon, bringing you a great new episode. In the meantime, you can visit our Patreon page and with a small donation, you can unlock some bonus content. Thanks for… Continue reading Where is Motherhood on Tap?!


A mystery bruise that won’t go away, a busted lip, sprained ankle, back aches, and on and on. All moms experience the injuries that come with motherhood. Sarah and Pamela discuss all the mom injuries (or “mom-juries”) they have experienced and some other common ones they have not. Sarah also brings up that dads can… Continue reading Mom-juries!

Sorry, not sorry

As a mother, we all have felt the need to apologize for something. A messy house, an unruly child, lack of time, etc. But have you reached a point where you’re not going to apologize anymore? In this episode, Sarah and Pamela discuss what they won’t apologize for anymore. No more guilt, no more shame.… Continue reading Sorry, not sorry

Maybe, baby?

So, we all get the question, “are you having any more?” Or we hear, “c’mon just have one more baby” and many, many other phrases about having another child. But should you? This week, Pamela discusses her desire to have one more child, but lists the roadblocks facing her and her husband right now. Sarah… Continue reading Maybe, baby?