Maybe, baby?

So, we all get the question, “are you having any more?” Or we hear, “c’mon just have one more baby” and many, many other phrases about having another child. But should you? This week, Pamela discusses her desire to have one more child, but lists the roadblocks facing her and her husband right now. Sarah… Continue reading Maybe, baby?

Infants are terrifying!

Becoming a mom is so exciting and terrifying at the same time! In this episode, Sarah dives into what the scariest parts of having an infant are and Pamela chimes in when her girls were babies. We also discuss the changes to the Miss America pag…um…competition, and ice cream flavored beer. Full disclosure: We had… Continue reading Infants are terrifying!

Technical Difficulties

Sorry, no new episode this week due to technical difficulties. But thanks to motherhood, we learn to adapt. We have improved our sound quality for our first 4 episodes and would love for you to listen again! We will be back next Friday, June 8 for more shenanigans!

Exercise…who has the time?

We all know that a healthy lifestyle and exercise is crucial for a healthy life and it is always something in the back of a mom’s mind. How do you fit it in? Is it really THAT important after having a baby? Sarah and Pamela discuss how beneficial exercise is postpartum and how can someone… Continue reading Exercise…who has the time?

Favorite Children’s Books

Goodnight Moon, Harry Potter series, Peter Rabbit, or Charlotte’s Web…which one is your favorite? This episode we get back to the “fluffier” side of things with our discussion of our favorite books as children and what we like to read to our children too. We also discuss the books that are ranked the greatest children’s… Continue reading Favorite Children’s Books

Postpartum Depression

Welcome back! We’re giving you all a special treat with a second episode. This episode we are discussing postpartum depression, anxiety, bipolar, and OCD disorders. We also discuss our own personal experiences and treatment. Our hope is to remove the stigma behind discussing PPD, as well as other mental health issues, so that others will… Continue reading Postpartum Depression

Motherhood & Social Media

Thank you so much for joining us as we launch our podcast, “Motherhood on Tap”! We are here to discuss, laugh, and navigate our way through parenting while enjoying a nice adult beverage each episode. Our first episode covers our thoughts on motherhood and social media. For links to the resources we discussed, go to… Continue reading Motherhood & Social Media