Prince Harry and Meghan Interview

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Motherhood On Tap
Motherhood On Tap
Prince Harry and Meghan Interview

Hey listeners! 

So, this was meant to be a special bonus minisode, but life happened and we made the decision (or me, Pamela did) to release this as our regular episode. We watched the Oprah interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This discussion is from our viewpoints based on what was discussed in the interview. Trigger warning: in the interview there is discussion of depression and suicidal thoughts and we discuss that as well, so if that is possibly triggering for you, please take care. 

If you have not watched the interview, please do! We will spoil everything and if you do not want it spoiled, then watch. Here is the link to the interview on, It is free, so there are ads. 

Side note, we drank A LOT of wine! We are very drunk towards the end. I (Pamela) apologize for any laugh-snorting, mispronouncing words (the ro- and ru- words are hard on Southerners!) 

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