A Century of the Queen Mother: 100 Years in 100 Minutes

Hey listeners! We have a really fun, interesting episode for y’all. We watched A Century of the Queen Mother: 100 Years in 100 Minutes. Before we give you the synopsis, spoiler alert, a lot of the information discussed relates to the latest season of Netflix’s The Crown. Do not listen if you do not want… Continue reading A Century of the Queen Mother: 100 Years in 100 Minutes


Hey listeners! Any bookworms or avid spellers out there? Whether you are a stickler for accurate spelling or not, we think you will enjoy the documentary Spellbound. We cover this documentary and give our take on the eight spellers covered in the film. Here is the synopsis of the film from Wikipedia.  Spellbound is a… Continue reading Spellbound

A Courtship

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Hello listeners! In this episode, we review the documentary A Courtship. It was an interesting one! Here is the synopsis off of Amazon Prime. A documentary about Christian Courtship, an alternative to dating that seeks to ensure purity until marriage. Kelly renounces dating believing that her parents along with God should find her husband. Enter the… Continue reading A Courtship

State of Play – Trophy Kids

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Welcome to our first episode in our new format! We reviewed the HBO documentary, State of Play – Trophy Kids. We hope you enjoy our own insights into over zealous parents and their interest in their children’s sports.  Here is the synopsis from HBO’s website: State of Play is a cutting-edge documentary series from filmmaker Peter… Continue reading State of Play – Trophy Kids

We’re back!!!!

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Hey everyone! Happy New Year! While we took a longer hiatus than expected, but we are so excited to be back to bring you more Motherhood on Tap! For our first episode back we are getting you all caught up on what has been going on in our lives and updating the exciting changes we… Continue reading We’re back!!!!

Quarantine Check-in #2

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As the world continues the various lockdowns for COVID-19, we continue our check-ins through Zoom and tell each other how we are holding up. We are both having some good days and some bad days and we know you all are too. Side note, this episode was recorded several weeks ago before the death of… Continue reading Quarantine Check-in #2

Podcast Blackout

Hi, mamas. Sarah here. On behalf of Pamela and myself, I am here to say that Motherhood on Tap condemns all forms of racism and violence. We, along with many others in the podcasting community, mourn the loss of all those whose lives have ended as a result of senseless brutality. To show our support… Continue reading Podcast Blackout